■Lessons are on Saturday mornings from 10:30AM-11am. Skaters are asked to arrive at least 15 mins before their class time and make their way to the skate room.

■Beginners skate from 10:30am TO 11:00am

■ALL first time attendees skate the Beginner (Level 1) class. After learning basics the Intermediate classes are held at the Lowell Location for all Level 2 and up skaters. Once you join up you must purchase a Club Card for $30 from the rink, and then Nekoe/Belinda charge a $10/month fee for Saturday morning classes. Your first class is free so come at the first of the month or the end of the month for your best value on the Club Card.
■For more information on the ART TEAM you can check out the Art Team Page on this site.