With Christmas just around the corner, Kate’s has its skate deals ready to roll! We are featuring 3 incredible deals this holiday season, all of which can be found online at our pro shop store

First, we have the Labeda G80 in both styles, black and black with silver! This skate has a normal retail of $144 to $149 and we have ours at ONLY $99!! This skate features a Leather Boot, nylon plate with Carbon Fiber cover giving an incredibly cool look to it. Labeda fan jet wheels and ABEC 9 bearings round out this package. This is a cant miss!

Second, we’ve got probably the deal of the decade! The Carrera skate has been an industry standard for over 10 years. This package features a Riedell boot paired with a Sure Grip Probe plate. Also featuring sure grip wheels as well as Abec 3 bearings. Latest retail on this package can be found between $119 and $149 depending on where you shop. OUR PRICE IS $54!!!. We have sizes 1-4 in black available as well as 1-9 in white. If you’re looking for a grey skate for yourself or your kids, this is a no brainer!

Lastly, we have the Raven 800. This package retails at $99 normally but our price is ONLY $54!. This package boasts a 100% leather boot a great plate as well as solid bearings and great wheels. If you’re looking for a pair of skates for derby, session, or outdoor use, this is your skate. We have these available in sizes 6-10 only so get them while you can.

All of these skates can be viewed on our Pro Shop Page Online.

These deals won’t last long so GET YOURS TODAY!!

It’s never too early for Christmas Deals!
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