This is it!!  Probably one of the best deals that we have EVER had at our Pro Shops!!  Do you wish you had a wheels that gripped when you wanted it to but gave you the roll and the slide, ONLY when you want it?  Well we have that wheel in stock right now!!  The Radar Lil’ Devil , Red 92A with an aluminum hub, is a steal at our price.  This wheel, when it was out, was available anywhere between $79 and $89 (depending on who was selling it) and we have them for ONLY $25/SET OF 8!! This is not a typo, we promise!  This wheel has been discontinued by RADAR and of course we snatched them all up!!

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve got 2 other deals that are just well, CRAZY!!!  The RADAR Shadow and the RADAR Ghost, both 80A but with two different thicknesses.  The Shadow boasts a standard width and a light blue transparent look, while the Ghost is a sleek green in a slim width.  These wheels are great for session skating, out door use, and derby skating on slick surfaces.  The regular retail on these wheels was $59.99 and we have them for ONLY $40/SET OF 8!!  Again, these are not typos!!  These deals are for real and all prices include tax!!

To purchase online and have these wheels shipped to your doorstep just visit our pro shops at or come into either of our stores in town!!

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