If you skate derby, session, or just like the newest and coolest stuff that is out, we have exciting news from Radar Wheels!

By combining both of Radar Wheels’ newest breakthroughs, the Shark Hub and DerbyThane tire compound, Radar Wheels has introduced the Radar Bullet. The Radar Bullet is a uniquely responsive, agile, and ultralight 59mm Roller Derby wheel designed for aggressive, top level game play.

Shark Hub
Radar Wheels’ Shark Hub is designed with convex fins that provide stiffness to the outer edge of the wheel and allow the wheel’s tire to perform at its optimal level. Traditional hubs with square or concave designs flex and limit urethane performance, resulting in slow and sludgy wheels. The Shark hub provides superior roll (speed), and balanced support from the outside through the middle and inside edge of the wheel. Shark Hubs are made in the USA with superior grade urethane which creates an intense bond with urethane tires. It is the finest, ultralight synthetic hub available.

DerbyThane is a high performance urethane designed specifically for the wide variety of surfaces used in the world of Roller Derby. From concrete to wood to tile court to banked track surfaces, DerbyThane fills the need for nearly every derby skater.

Size: 59mm tall x 38mm wide
88A Neon Yellow
91A Neon Pink
93A Neon Purple
95A Neon Red
97A Neon Orange

All colors of these wheels will be available mid June except for the 88As, which should be available in mid-summer and will retail in 4 Pks for $39.99 and will be available in our rinks or at our online store




New Derby Bullet Wheels from Radar
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