If you skate at least once a week, and don’t quite want to spend the money on buying a complete new skate but know you’re skate may not be performing up to its ability….the answer is at Kate’s.

If you’re wheels feel as if they are not getting the roll that you need and deserve as a skater, look no further than the 8mm Bones Mini Logo bearing. For skaters with 7mm axles we offer axle sleeves for the right fit. Available for only $20/set these are the darn bearings you an find for two reasons. First, these bearings have been out performing bearings that normally retail over $50/set. You can’t find quality like that for that price usually. A smooth and long lasting roll is what this bearing provides. Roller Bones bearings have been at the fore front for skaters for years and this bearing is great for all. Secondly, they are only $20/set, PERIOD!

If you consider yourself a rhythm, art, or shuffle skater and like a harder wheel we have incredible deals on more Bones wheels. The Elites, Super Elites and Team wheels are all half price until they are gone. Find them at our Online Pro Shop.

Session and derby skaters look no further than our $30/set Radar 2nds in Flat Outs, Tuners and Quickie Stickie Wheels. That’s half price as well. All of these wheels will vastly improve grip and control for ANY skater. Also, we have Tile Biter Radar 2nds for only $40/set as well.

Again, Kate’s Skating Rinks knows ALL types of skates and is your one stop for advice, product and service that’ll keep you rolling and rolling!

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Upgrading Your Skates Has Never Been Cheaper
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