Are you looking for a wheel that not only performs, but fits your budget? Look no further because we have a great deal going on right now on Riedell Radar wheels.

We have Flat Out 2nd wheels, regular $59.99, on sale for only $30!! Also, Quickie Stickie 2nds for $30, Blue and Red Tuner 2nds wheels for $30, and Black Tile Biter 2nds for $40! All prices are tax included!!! Go to to get yours today!

What is a 2nd you ask? Well, a 2nd is a wheel that is 100% skateable but does not meet ‘Grade A’ status by Radar. There may be an air pocket in the urethane on the backside of the wheel or a slight discoloration on the wheel itself. Our 2nds are as close to the real thing as possible!! We inspect everyone and throw out unskateable wheels leaving only the best! If you haven’t been able to afford some of these wheels before, now is your chance!

All of these wheels are great for ANY Roller Derby skater, session skater and Jam skaters should focus on the Tile Biters. We do have both slim and regular black Tile Biters, many colors of Flat Outs and ALL colors of Quickie Stickies!!

Check them out at TODAY!

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